The Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center plays a vital role in the university’s mission to provide excellent education, stimulate inquiry and research, and serve the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.  It is a multi-purpose facility that enriches the lives of students, faculty, and members of the community.

The Performing Arts Center is an educational facility.  The academic wing is used by the Department of Fine Arts for teaching students and assisting them in achieving their highest potential.  Its practice rooms and technology lab provide opportunities to explore the arts and encourage creativity.  Students also benefit through interactive use of the mainstage and performance lab facilities equipped with the latest technology.  The presentation of high quality programs in the visual and performing arts offers all FMU students the opportunity for cultural enrichment and critical analysis of ideas expressed through the arts.

The Performing Arts Center serves Florence and the Pee Dee area in several ways.  It enriches the lives of culturally and ethnically diverse audiences by offering access to outstanding performances and presentations of professional and emerging local, national, and international groups.  Moreover, the Performing Arts Center demonstrates its commitment by responding to the changing needs of the community and region.  It acts as a cohesive force in bringing members of the area and the university together for cultural activities and challenges them to engage in unfamiliar cultural programming.  It provides a venue for local and area productions, with due consideration for the fiduciary responsibilities for operating and maintaining the building.  It fosters an environment that provides educational opportunities for children and adults of the area through such means as after school activities and various types of workshops.

The Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center seeks to be a catalyst in stimulating economic development and tourism growth.  Its location in downtown Florence contributes to the revitalization of the city center and promotes the area as a cultural arts destination.  Through collaboration with school systems, public agencies, and civic organizations, the Performing Arts Center promotes excellence in arts education, creation, and presentation.  The cooperation and mutual support of university, local, and regional institutions in this endeavor can only add to the vitality and continuing progress of this part of South Carolina.